The Holweit Story

It all began in 1981 when Sylvia and Bill Hamilton searched for a replacement to fill the void when the last of their children left home. After extensive reading, the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier was the perfect choice and, when they finally met one, it was love at first sight.

Their first Wheaten litter of four gave the Hamiltons four Canadian champions and two American champions. Their foundation bitch, Ch. Angelica's Whole Wheat Muffin, had 23 puppies, and Sylvia and Bill showed 18 to their Canadian championships (five of these are American champions). She also gave them their kennel name - Holweit, pronounced "whole wheat". Not a bad start for Sylvia and Bill. To date, the Hamiltons have well over 150 Canadian champions! Of these, many are American champions as well!

A good team these Hamiltons: Bill packs the van, drives to shows and handles his Wheatens while Sylvia grooms, handles, makes breeding decisions, places puppies and organizes the campaigning. They've shown from British Columbia to Nova Scotia and usually attend all SCWT Specialties in Canada. They've shown from Connecticut to California and as far south as Texas.

They have bred several Wheatens that have won Best in Show at All Breed Shows. They've had many, many Best In Specialties including the American SCWT Specialty at Bucks County KC, the Terrier Breeders' Association of Canada (twice), Rideau and Quebec All Terrier Specialties. The Hamiltons have had eight of their Wheatens go Winners at American Specialties, seven were breeder handled. Also, the Number One SCWT in Canada for seven years was bred and owned by the Hamiltons. Am. Can. Ch. Holweit's Robin the Bank CGC is the top winning Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier of all time. Robin has won five All Breed Best in Shows and six Specialty Shows.

The Hamiltons are 11 time winners of the 'Pedigree Breeder Award' for their Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers.

Holweit puppies (pet puppies and/or show dogs) have been placed from Newfoundland to British Columbia, California and Texas. The Hamiltons don't keep the best for just themselves - they take pleasure in sharing their best with serious show exhibitors and breeders, reflecting their desire to improve the breed across North America.

It is through this continual dedication to quality that the Hamiltons select their breeding stock.

Each sire is chosen to compliment the individual dam. This often requires shipping the dam great distances for breeding. Temperament, health and conformation being foremost in their minds requires ongoing traveling to Specialty Shows where the greatest number of prospective sires can be seen and evaluated before breeding decisions are made. Their own dogs always reside in a home so their temperament can be confirmed.

The health of the sire and dam is also evaluated before breeding. Not only are the hips and eyes certified (or evaluated) by a qualified veterinarian but additional screening for other possible genetic defects are routinely tested for, such as protein loosing disease. The DNA regarding PLN is obtained for all Wheatens living at Hamiltons' or sold by them.

Once the puppies are born great care is given. Each pup is given whatever personal attention is needed so that it starts its new life as a happy, healthy, well socialized Wheaten. All the Hamilton's Wheatens live in clean, well-lit quarters with exceptional management of their physical and social needs.

The Hamilton's total commitment to the purebred dog fancy is evident with their involvement with numerous dog clubs.

1. Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Association of Canada. Bill is a past President and Director. Sylvia is Vice President. Sylvia is President/Director of the Central Ontario Local Section Club.
2. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America. Sylvia is on the Health Committee.
3. Credit Valley Kennel and Obedience Club. Bill and Sylvia are both past Board members. Bill is currently President. Sylvia is a Director.
4. Terrier Breeders' Association of Canada. Bill and Sylvia are both past Officers. Sylvia is currently Secretary. Bill is currently Treasurer.
5. The Canadian Kennel Club. Sylvia and Bill are both life members.

Bill's and Sylvia's involvement in these associations provide them with up-to-date information and concerns regarding not only all the health and breeding issues of the Wheatens but also local and national issues of responsible dog ownership. As members in good standing with these clubs, Bill and Sylvia adhere to the Code of Ethics in place that affords protection to the purebred dog.