Holweit Wheatens are Shown With Pride

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The 'Pedigree Breeder Award' was only offered 11 years, 1991 - 2001.
Holweit was 11 time winners for their Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers.

Quite an accomplishment!
The 'Pedigree Breeder Awards' recognized breeders whose litters most consistently conformed to The Canadian Kennel Club's breeder standards.



We have bred several Wheatens that have won Best in Show at All Breed Shows. We’ve had many, many Best In Specialties including the American SCWT Specialty at Bucks County KC, the Terrier Breeders' Association of Canada (twice), Rideau and Quebec All Terrier Specialties. We are Proud that we have had eight of our Wheatens go Winners at American Specialties, seven were breeder handled. Also, the Number One SCWT in Canada for seven years was bred and owned by Holweit. Another Number One, Am/Can Ch Lakkas Ulmus was bred by Hilde Nybom in Sweden.

Am. Can. Ch. Holweit's Robin the Bank CGC is the top winning Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier of all time. Robin won five All Breed Best in Shows and six Specialty Best In Shows. Robin was chosen Group Second at the Show of Shows, where all the Best In Show winners from all of Canada compete.

Am Can Ch Holweit's Robin the Bank (BIS, BISS)
Winning Group 2nd at the Show of Shows
Am Can Ch Holweit’s Robin the Bank (BIS, BISS)
Winning her first Best In Show

Am Can Ch Lakkas Ulmus Winning Best Stud Dog at Montgomery
America's Largest Terrier Show
Am Can Ch Lakkas Ulmus (BIS, BISS)
Winning one of his Best In Specialty Shows


Holweit's Stancher "Duffy" CD, HIT, RA, CGC
Double-certified Therapy Dog, Certified Therapy Test Dog and Herding Certified
In 2002 "Duffy" wins High in Trial
High In Trial

"Duffy" completed the third leg towards his CD (AKC) title at the SCWTCA Obedience Trial, King of Prussia, Pa., 10/5/02. Winning High in Trial with a 194 was an added bonus! Shown by Novice Class A handler (and first-time Wheaten owner) Dorice Stancher. "Duffy" was also nominated for an AKC ACE Award and received a Silver Award from the NJ Veterinary MEdical Association for his work as a therapy dog. He was also the spokes dog for the American Cancer Society's Dogswalk Against Cancer and was on television several times promoting the event. He also was selected for a photo shoot for a line of AKC toys for children depicting the various breeds.

Special thanks to Sylvia Hamilton for breeding us such a wonderful dog, and for her guidance and encouragement. Thanks also to our instructor, Bill Delaney, American Canine Academy, and our supportive Wheaten friends.

In 2008 "Duffy" wins Wheaten Ambassador Award

Thank you to the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Association of Canada for choosing my dog, "Duffy" (Holweit’s Stancher) for the 2008 Wheaten Ambassador Award.

When I purchased Duffy as a newborn puppy from Sylvia Hamilton, in the fall of 1999, I never realized how he would become such an important and meaningful part of my life. From day one, he was different than the other dogs I had. Days after he arrived, my son became very ill and I had to remain by his side. Duffy remained steadfastly at the foot of his bed too, only leaving him when I took him out. He knew that I was concerned and so was he.

Sylvia required that we enroll in basic obedience and encouraged us to start competing, possibly even in the SCWTCA Specialty someday. Just competing to me seemed like a lofty goal since I had never done this before. Two years later, we competed at the Novice A level, earning a High in Trial in 2002. It’s a day I will never forget. We have also titled in Rally and compete at the Excellent Level. We were recognized for our efforts in “Front and Finish” magazine and several local papers. This could not have been accomplished without the support and encouragement of Sylvia, who was never too busy to answer my many questions, or to offer a kind word or suggestion. She has been a great role model.

Duffy’s steady, easy-going personality allowed him to pass the AKC Good Citizen Award with ease at a year, and he became a therapy dog shortly after. This year he was promoted to Certification Dog and I to Evaluator. He was also certified an additional time so my son, Mark could handle him on therapy visits. Every year we visit Camp Dream Street for children with cancer. My son and Duffy have received the Golden Bone Award for fundraising for the past three years for raising thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society Dogswalk, a large event attended by approximately 1,200 people. Duffy also won the Tricks Competition at that event three years in a row and now opens the competition to “show how it’s done”.

Duffy is my right hand and co-conspirator in a variety of fun things. We tried sheepherding and he pried four big ewes off of a fence to pass his herding instinct test. This past spring we marched in the Dogs of Ireland group in one of the largest St. Patrick’s parades in New Jersey. We’ve kayaked together, taken seminars in canine freestyle and tracking together, and this past winter skijored together. And as the years have flown by, we are denying our age together, as we dream up more activities to see how far we can go.